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Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating can cut your overall electricity bill by a third.

With the most recent increase of 9.4% from NERSA, and your geyser being the single largest energy consumer in your home, saving by doing a simple retrofit to your existing cylinder has become a necessity and can conservatively provide you with an average saving of 38% on your electricity bill. 

The cost of electricity is rising sharply and would have increased by 490% over the period 2007 to 2021.

Solar saves  money, and the more the electricity tariffs go up, the greater the savings. The benefits to all come from the broader adoption of solar water heating.

Solar energy ultimately lowers the demand on Eskom's electricity grid, particularly during peak hours when households tend to use hot water most and in the evenings before bed. This lower peak demand means a lower risk of load shedding, which helps everyone.

Cost of SWH retrofit to an existing geyser

Kwikot  (flat-plate & evacuated tube collectors)

150L tank, 2.1m2 panel R17000,00 

200L tank, 3.0m2 panel R19000.00

250L tank, 3.0m2 panel R20200.00 

Requirements: Existing geyser and North or East facing roof.

Includes: Solar Collector, GeyserWise , Circulation Pump and Labour.

Installation completed in two hours or your money back.


2 years workmanship

5 years on collector and 10 years Kwikot evacuated tube system. 

1 years GeyserWise controller

Solar Water Heating Geysers Installation 

Seeking a dependable solar water heating geyser company in Cape Town? Look no further. At Solar Green, our portfolio consists of a long haul of successful and mutually satisfying solar geyser installations in and around the Cape Peninsular.

We understand and believe that as solar geyser installation involves dealing with the home’s power line, it can be at times life-threatening if performed without any practical knowledge, improper equipment, or in the absence of professional guidance/supervision, and should be taken care of by the experts. 

Our proficient professionals with years of technical know-how and understanding will guide with the selection of appropriate solar water heating geyser that suits the best of the client’s requirements and specifications. Post-selection, our team will deliver the brand new solar water heating geyser to the client, and our team of installation experts will perform the solar geyser installation of the energy-efficient system.

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